FW to SW with no hassle?


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If I were so inclined, could I make a SW tank out of my Cichlid tank by just adding the salt? It's already cycled, right?

I know, I'd have to get rid of the Cichlids first:p

Eventually I could add the other stuff?


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yea getting rid of the Cichlid would be the first step lol, have any pics of it? i would love to see em

i think its best to drain out all the water and add new water [salted], live rocks and sand, then you will need to start the "cycle" process. its about a 4 - 6 week process

best recommendation is 1 lbs of rock per gallon, since u have a 125 gallon of i suggest half live rock and half base rock, you will save alot more

also what kind of tank do u want to keep? FOWLR or reef
reef is easier but reef is nicer IMO, reef will require a better light system than FOWLR

read up on saltwater here, rc have some great info

be patient and take is slowly is probably the best advice i was given when i first started.

hope this helps


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In a word, no, that won't work. Different bacteria. You'd have a foaming mess that would take days to clean off your floor.

To start, empty tank, clean thoroughly with white vinegar, keep just about only your heater, but clean thoroughly, sell the rest...including the canopy in some instances. You'll need an open top, new lights, probably, no filters, 125 lbs of aragonite sand and 125 lbs of base rock/live rock combination; ideally a downflow box---[reef ready would be better: holes drilled for hose and piping]---and a 30-50 gallon sump tank below; a skimmer rated for at least 175 gallons, and a lot of patience.

My advice would be to keep your tank and invest about 300.00 in a one-in-all number like an aquapod while you see if you even like marine tanks. An aquapod contains all the gear you need to get going except the rock and sand; you can learn the ropes and operate on a small scale, until you figure how deep into this you want to get.