G-BTA Not sticky NE More, Won't Eat


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OK here is the deal, I have had a G-BTA for about 7 months now and about 3 weeks ago he started acting really stange. I noticed that my larger of two cllowns was haning out in him a lot more then usual, but I am assuming th BTA did not like that because he moved and for about the last three weeks he has been bouncing around in the back corner. I usually (target) feed with krill and I am sure that he gets some of the brine and mysis that are floating around while I am feeding the rest of my tank. But the last time two times I fed him lets just say that he didn't seem to inteseted in the food like he normally is where he was so sticky that the shrimp would stick and he would consume it in no time. So what is the deal, I mean he still is coeming out and he still has his bubbles and color. What should I do. I am sorry that I have no pic, I am at work, will post later. NE infromation or advice is greatly appreciated.

Water Par:

ammo/nitrates/rites ~0
temp 79-82F
calcium: 485


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Not sure what is going on with the bta. Although the calcium and Alk need to be adjusted. Calcium should be 380-420 and you want your alk at about 8-11
So those 2 things are off. Could be causing problems with the bta. I am sure someone else will chime in here.



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Units are important when you are discussing alkalinity. I am betting that his alk is measured in meq/L (and 3.6 is normal), while you're recommending 8-11 dkh.

What is your lighting and how old are the bulbs? I've read that one reason that an anemone will go walking is due to bulbs aging and producing less light.

Any other recent tank changes?


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Yeah I know that my cal. is a little on the high side but I have never had any problems with it in the past, IMO i feel that is has produced excellent results.

As far as my lighting goes I have one 250W MH10k ( Bulb is just over 3 months old) w/ 2x96w PFO Atinics bulbs ( 4 months old) on a 70 gallon tank, about 6.5w watts per gallon.

Nope. No additions or losses to the tank, no spikes , and H20 parameters are mainting pretty well I think