G. Viridis for sale


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I have a small female G. Viridis i need to get rid of. She is about 2.5-3.5 inches, pale lime green in color. Right now shes hold up in my 30gal soft coral tank in a piece of live rock with 2 small ricordia mushrooms on it. I have to get rid of her because my 100 Gal sprung a leak over the weekend and ive been reshuffeling my live stock around. I have a banded coral shrimp, clown, damsel and a copperband butterfly that need to go in to the 30 gal untill I can get my 72 gal bow front. Not wanting to loose the banded cral shrimp I need to get rid of her. Im going to be moving her to my 10 gal QT within the next couple of weeks but if someone wants to come get her before then shes all yourse. PM me if you are interested. I also have about 80 lbs of live rock to get rid of too. Some really nice large pieces of tonga branch rock all encrusted with purple coraline. The rock has some algae though...green hair patches ans well as a bit of red slime. The rock is in my mixing bucket with no lights to kill the algae growth. Again PM me if you are interested in either. This is for local pick up only as I am very hesitant to ship the mantis and accidently kill her. Location is Livermore, Ca (94550).




This was my 110 gal...its now empty except for a few inches of water and 80lbs live sand. This pic is over 2 years old when I set up the tank so the coraline hadnt really started growing yet.