Garage Sale! Equipment and more for sale!!!


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1) 25-30gal aprox square sump - in great condition may need a little re-acrylic gluing. $130

2) SWC 230 cone with 6 month old pump (has a break on the bracket that does not affect performance) skims and runs great and ideal for 120-220 gal stocked tank. $200

3) finnex titanium 800 watt heater in mint condition only a few months old (doesnt fit my new sump) $40

4) skimz sumpro up34 with cracked corner but new in box. $100

More items to come....

Text me for more info and pics




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The acrylic on the custom square used sump is 1/2" and very strong....

The swc cone skimmer was also replaced due to a totally different sump design used and the sump chamber is too small for the swc 230...


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For anyone that might be interested in anything. Eddy takes great care of his stuff.

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