Garf Grunge ?

I added about 10lbs to my fuge a couple of months ago, and see nothing special about it. No critters were evident in it at all, except maybe a few pods.

After the hassle my club (MARSH) had getting the order placed to begin with, I have no interest in purchasing from them again.

Some of our club members had cyano outbreaks within a couple of weeks of adding the Grunge to their systems.
Have used it several times in the past but lately(over the past year or so) it seems like the diversity isn't what it used to be. The only benefit I have seen from it is a few more pods and sponges.

Won't be getting anymore from them.

I usually add it to all the tanks I set up but GARF is local so I don't have to pay more than $5 shipping. Good live sand from a fellow reefer and/or a local store would work just as well.