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So I have been feeding my fish with drops of garlic daily for at least 3 months now. What am I suppose to get out of this by feeding them garlic?


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Usually garlic is used to get new fish to eat food, but now that they've been eating for 3 months, it probably isn't necessary.

Jared J

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garlic will boost their immune system and help them fight off parasites. Fish will secrete it in their slime coat like people do in their skin.


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I heard a lot of people say that the immune benefits are only gained from fresh garlic... But the commercial products will help encourage feedings.


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Allicin is the prodominant immune booster in fresg garlic to boost the immune system. Especially the circulatory system. (tang lovers)
Can add this yourself or use the store bought that simply entices them to eat just as it does with us