Gate Valve Location on Drain Pipe


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If you're running the Herbie overflow method, does it make a difference where your gate valve is located on the drain pipe? Should it be closer to the bulkhead or closer to the sump? I can't see why it would make a difference, but I saw a post where someone said put it closer to the sump.


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I would say wherever is easier for u to manipulate, the only difference I can think of is the speed the water would flow a few inches after the gate


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Mine is in the cabinet above the sump. I like most people have little room behind the tank to work or adjust valves.


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The position of the valve only really becomes significant in the case of a long drop such as into a basement. In that case, closer to the sump, is best.


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After plumbin up my 180 a few months ago i would also suggest to try and keep any turns after the valve to a minimum. It seems that the siphon starts better and there are minimal to no bubbles that have to be cleared out.