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I have noticed on here that many ppl buy LR from the GBR. I think its time that we stopped. It is etimate total death in 20 years. Lets try help it buy not supporting the LR culturing. Sorry guys i am in aussie and am really passionate about my back yard. :) If we all play our part we can save what is left.

I dont want this to be Flaming! (Opcn pls do not post, thank you) It can be an open discussion. Your thoughts and views. I put it in the Octo thread bcos many of u have LR from GBR


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Well, even though you asked me not to I will anyways. I agree with you that we need to spend some time thinking long and hard about where we get our live rock, all reefs are in trouble.


I agree, that we need to watch what we take out. I have heard of man made rock,If they took that and put in the oceans for awhile then use it our tanks. jmo


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Thanks for the relplies guys.

Its getting critical.
I know all of us love our small reefs and we love our corals and all sorts. But there are not enough marine fish aquacultured. We are taking now something that is iriplacable. I admit i go to fish stores and am like wow that fish is awsome or coral. But from now onwards i am not supporting it. I have been in this hobby for 4 years and now i stop. I would rather my kids be able to go see this new world under water first hand.
No one has to take a stand like I am, but i think we all need to think about the big picture now.
Just needed to get it off my chest, please say your opinions.


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Ten percent of the world's reefs have been completely destroyed. In the Philippines, where coral reef destruction is the worst, over 70% have been destroyed and only 5% can be said to be in good condition. What has happened to destroy all of the reefs? Humans have happened.

Something i just found.


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If you are looking to take a stand in regards to the big picture I don't think boycotting the marine ornamental industry is the way to go. Reefs are being destroyed, but the MOI is responsible for only a teeny tiny portion of it. This is not to say that the MOI isn't wrecking things, but in the big picture I think you would have much more of an effect by dealing with companies using the reefs for bricks or concrete or landfill, bottom trawling, agracultural/iodustrial run off or blast fishing. The MOI sometimes gets attention because it is more accessible/visible than many of the things that are impacting the reefs in a big way.

It was also my understanding that Oz rock was illegal to export from Oz.