Gen-X 2400 Needlewheel - won't draw water?


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I tried switching out a Rio 1700 RVT for a Gen-X 2400 NW. The Gen-X started just fine with the sump partially full, but now it won't prime. I let it sit for 2 days with the sump half full while the rest of the tank filled, and now it seems to have air trapped around the impeller and won't clear/run?

Does this sound odd? What can I do to get the pump flowing again? If it is air in the intake, I thought this was ok as that is the purpose of the venturi - to draw in water.

Any suggestions would be great.



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Sounds odd, i've had no probs with mine. It starts every time. I'd take it out, pull the impeller out and make sure the rod isn't broke or damaged. If all looks fine, put it back and make sure its all tight, then plug it back in. If that doesn't work, i'd be callin were i got it from.