Gen-X 6000 Pump 1587 GPH


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Im in the process of getting all of the equiptment for my 90gal RR tank. It has a single megaflow overflow that will be leading to a 40 gal sump, located directly under the tank, inside of the stand. Ive been looking and comparing pumps for the return pump. I have decided that I want to go 1200gph or higher, that way I will be able to redirect some of the flow so I dont need extra pumps later.

I came across this pump and I personally do not have any experience with the company. It is although $50 cheaper than the magdrive 12 and its got an extra 387gph. (i know im not in the hobby for expecting cheap but i am on a budget) Below Ive posted the exact pump discription from the website.

Gen-X 6000 Pump 1587 GPH

Features Gen-X submersible pump 1587GPH UL approved Ceramic shaft, adjustable flow. 1 year guarantee against manufacturer defects. 5/8", 1" ID Hose fittings for return included. PSI rating 6.40 1300 GPH at 3' Head 1000 GPH at 5' Head Power Consumption 130 Watts

So my questions are...

-Would this pump work for me?
-Is this a reliable brand (gen-x)? Like, Is it a good/bad pump?