Gen-X PCX40 for sale


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I need to sell my Gen-X PCX40 pump. This thing is basically brand new. I used it for maybe 5 minutes before I realized it was way too powerful for my setup. I think this would probably be a good pump for all of you people out there that bought 90's and 125's lately...


* Non-corrosive polypropylene housing
* Non-leak sealless pump
* Highly efficient, economical type
* Single phase motor with thermal protector
* Allowable ambient temperature: 0 to 40C
* Pumps are gravity feed design
* Not allowed to run dry
* Designed for both fresh & saltwater aquariums
* Max Flow: 1190gph
* Max Head: 22ft / 6.8m
* Speed: 3000rpm
* Fittings (Inlet/Outlet): 3/4in MPT / 3/4in MPT
* Comparable to Iwaki 55RLT
* Economical to run-1.2amps,110Volts
* Quiet,cool running,no oiling required.
* Fully guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturer defects
* PSI rating 10

This retails for $150 new, I'll take $100.