Geo kalk Rx

Scuba Dog

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Fellow geo users have you had any trouble with the pump not wanting to mix well....For some reason the little pump seems to loose prime?


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It's submerged and is below the water level, so it doesn't need to be prime. You might want to check to see if the prop blades are still there. All of mine broke off at one time too.


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Kalk is extremely harsh, like attempting to stir sand. Over time, the impeller will need replacement. If you're burning out impellers too fast, you're likely stirring to often, to long, or have too much media in the reactor.

I'm getting 6-12 months typically out of an impeller.


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Been running mine for a couple years with no problems at all. I run my pump for one minute, twice a day. then I run it in vinegar about every 4-6 months.

Porthios made a good point though, I only add about one quarter cup of kalk to the reactor at a time.