Getting back into the hobby


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Hello all,

After a 3 year absence from the hobby, I am getting ready to jump back into the hobby. My house should be finished in the next couple months and we can finally move in. Anyway, I am stuck between the Innovative Marine Ext 170 (indecisive on the ext or int) or the new Red Sea Reefer S-Series 850. I have been reading about the issues red sea was having with there bigger tanks and a little nervous but they say it is using a APS stand now and a upgraded flow valve. It has a nice upgraded sump. I know it's not much reviews/info on them yet but what do you think between the two?


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Welcome back! I wish I could help you with that decision---I don't know those tanks, but I see no dead-stops in the specs of either tank. I'd say make an aesthetic and economic choice. Either one should be good. Both are a good shape for a reef. If one has had better reviews and no trouble, I'd go with that, personally. I hate being a beta tester on a fix. But for accessibility and ease of care, they are probaby equal.