Getting LR w/ some corals - transport and setup


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Found Fiji LR for sale nearby for 4.25 a lb. Comes with some corals (leathers, etc.) I have 2 questions..
1. When I pick it up, he had mentioned wrapping in newspaper for the hour or so trip home, with some water in container. Will this hurt the corals? Should I just bring water with me to make sure they stay covered? (This would be newly mixed water)

2. We have just set up our 30 gallon with new water and new substrate...just 2 powerheads and will have skimmer. Is there any "danger" in putting the rock with some corals into the tank like this? I did ask for a couple cups of his live sand, as well as some water, so can put that into tank to "help it out"...based upon an article I read to help promote the bacteria. Anything I need to watch out for if put into the new tank? (I will have not added substrate yet...but will soon.)

Bad idea to put coral into a tank that hasn't cycled. I know you are getting established LR, but it is a new tank, and the corals may not (likely won't) survive. Is there a person nearby that will hold your corals until you are ready?
I have a 20 gallon tank that is established, with a couple frags with corals. Any issue with taking the larger chunks out of this tank and into the "new" tank, and placing the newly aquired rock with corals into this tank? Since we are new, can I "transfer" corals to other rock for now and then transfer back later?