Getting out for a bit - livestock F/S


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It is a sad day that I need to get back in touch with all of you under these circumstances, but due to a number of things I need to take a break from the hobby. I have a number of livestock items I need to part with. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in?

Blue candy cane 20+ heads $35
White Leather $10
Duncan 10 heads $35
Frogspawn 8 inches dia. $35

RBTA 5 inches at least $45 3 available

Green Mandarin $20 (eats frozen food)

Bi-color Angle 4 -5 inches $25

Six line Wrasee $10

Blood Shrimp $10

After live stock is gone I have approx. 150 pounds of Marshal Island rock $2/ pound

Please PM me if interested.



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Did you by chance get the blue candycane from me? I'm interested in getting a couple heads but not the whole colony.


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I would like to get some rock and maybe the duncan

Any way to post a few pix?

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Blue candy cane 20+ heads spoken for
White Leather spoken for
Duncan 10 heads spoken for
RBTA 5 inches at least 3 available spoken for
Green Mandarin spoken for
Six line Wrasee spoken for
Blood Shrimp spoken for
Live Rock 20-25 pounds spoken for


Bi-color Angle 4 -5 inches $25

Frogspawn 8 inches dia. $35

Rive rock
Side note some Live rock has brown, red/purple, and green strip mushrooms on it

All PM's have been replied to.