Getting out of hobby! Any interest?

Hey guys, i dont really know any of you, but i have attended a few of the frag shows before covid. I live anout an hour north of stl (Carlinville, 62626). I am getting out of the hobby for a while because of a baby coming and a new job because of covid, its just that time.

So i have a few things i really dont want to sell online. Ill get a full list later on, but itll include 2 trigger sumps possibly (for sure a trigger 34 sapphire

And i have a handful of corals that Id hate to sell online. Some of these include large frags and snall collnies of WWC spaceballz, jason fox reaction chalice, and a hanful of other really nice chalices

Anyone interested?


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I may be interested in some livestock. I'm pretty happy with my setup so not really looking for a lot in the way of equipment. But I'll take a look through the full list when you post it.
Ok so heres a list of what is in the frag tank and i really would love to sell it as a collection to take the headache out of this if i can get some reasonable offers. I hate reef centrals picture format so i will have to wait til i get home or even better i can text anyone whos interested. My # is 304-890-3254.

Chalices -
Wwc spaceballz - really chunky and tall, 4 or 5 eyes, ready to lount on a bigger plug
Wwc sunkist - really big and fat, 3 big eyes
JF chemical reaction (absolutely stunning)
Asd gold rush of so e kind and a couplenother random chalice.
Jf raja rampage with 4 eyes (not doing really well, hates the flow in this tank for some reason)
Wwc tyree mummy eye that is starting to blow up and grow

Acan - couple random rainbows, but one is not doing as well
Also a gorgeous aqua sd holy grail micromussa that is about 12-14 heads and will overgrow its plug soon

Also have a huge dark purple favia of slme lind with bright green eyes that i bought from the jason fox booth at your frag swap 2 years ago and its nit sitting at about 25-30 eyes

So yeah just to give you an idea of whatbi have, dont hesitate to text me and ask and hit me with some reasonavle offers, id like this over with sooner rather than later because my time shortage is starting to affect them haha