Getting out of hobby - EVERYTHING for sale!


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We are getting out of the hobby after 4 years due to increase job responsibilities and a growing family. I will be selling my entire 60 gallon acrylic cube saltwater aquarium. Livestock and coral will be sold first, then live rocks and live sand, then all equipment/dry goods.

* 1 true percula clownfish (medium size) - $20
* 1 blue tang (medium size) - $20
* 1 yellow wrasse - $10

- Or take all fish + FREE frozen shrimp food for $40 -

* Blue Crocea clam (approximately 6") mounted on a nice shelf rock - $30
* Green open brain coral - $20
* Purple & green candy cane coral frags (6-8 heads each) - $10 (6 available)
* Large Devil's Hand leather coral mounted on large Tongan branch- $30
* Toadstool leather coral (approx. 4-5" in diameter) mounted on large rock- $30
* Medium Leather tree coral - $20
* Large mixed mushroom rock (blue/green/purple with 30+ mushrooms) - $30
* Red mushroom rock (8+ mushrooms) - $20
* Large green tip frogspawn coral (8+ heads, used as our centerpiece) - $40
* Lots of nassarius & turbo snails and hermit crabs - $20 for all
* Cleaner shrimp (big and healthy) - $10

Live Rock/Live Sand
* Live Fiji rock (approx. 120 pounds) - lots of coralline algae coverage, brittle stars, mushroom & polyp frags growing on them- $1.50 per pound
* Live sand (fine grade, approx. 50 pounds) - $1.00 per pound

Tank, Canopy, Lights, Stand, Sumps- $200 for all
* 60 gallon acrylic cube (24 in. x 24 in. x 24 in.)
* Stand and canopy
* 20 gallon glass aquarium used as a Sump
* 4x65w PC bulbs (purchased less than 3 months ago)
* Built-in overflow w/Stockman's standpipe
* Return pump
* All cleaning/maintenance supplies
* All test kits included

* Hydor Koralia 2 circulation water pump - $20
* 3 Rio 200 and 1 MaxiJet 200 powerheads - $40 for all
* Seaclone skimmer w/Maxijet 1200 powerhead - $20
* 4 white 5-gallon water containers - $20 for all
* 4 slightly used 200m filter socks - $20 for all

Here's a full tank shot of all the corals listed (except for the large frogspawn - we purchased it 1 week after taking this picture):


Blue Crocea Clam closeup:


Older picture of the tank:


Wider view of the tank:


I am located in West LA near Palms/Culver City. I will be available in the afternoons this coming long weekend. First come, first serve. Cash and local pickup only. Please PM for any questions.

If you werent in LA I would take

Blue Crocea clam (approximately 6") mounted on a nice shelf rock - $30
Cleaner shrimp (big and healthy) - $10



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I see two open brains on your sandbed...which one is the one for $20?

The green open brain coral to the left is the one available. The red/green open brain to the right and bubble coral were already sold to a friend.



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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=11624575#post11624575 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by euphoricgear
* Lots of nassarius & turbo snails and hermit crabs - $20 for all

interested in this. how much exactly do you have?

I have roughly 10+ assorted nassarius/trochus snails, 10+ red scarlet hermit crabs, 1 blue legged hermit crab, and 1 emerald crab.


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I'm in West LA near the 405/10 interchange. I won't be able to get the cleaning crew out until I can sift through the sand once all the corals and most of the live rock are gone.


<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=11624679#post11624679 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by euphoricgear
where are you located?


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Live rocks are ready to be sold. Will send you a PM.

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i'll take some rock. pm me when it's ready.


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anyone take the shrimp yet? il take it if its available? LMK i can pick up tomorow..