Getting Out of hobby SALE


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I was hospitalized and lost all my SPS.

Thinking i'd like to sell off livestock & live rock then break down system.

Available now:
Pukani rock - approx. 40# - $50
Single live rock (approx. 7" around) with large head of Kenya Tree - $20
Large Coral Banded Shrimp - $15
Pair of percula clowns - $25 for both
Pair of blue chromis - $10 for both
various critters (red & blue leg crabs, turbo snails) - Free to good home.

Available after tank broken down:
Red Sea Reefer 250 w/ sump (white cabinet)
GHL Doser
Tunze ATO
5 stage RODI w/ 6 5gal water jugs.
ATI Powermodule 36" hybrid LED/t5
Triton Trigger Systems sump 34
Sicce return pump
2x Gyre pumps with single controller
refugium light
Reef Octopus 110 Protein Skimmer


Message or text for more information 727-520-3526 (Jonathan)