Getting out sale


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Taking a step back. Here is what is on the chopping block

Neptune 1link module $100

Neptune FMM x 2 $75 each

Neptune Apex controller system (probes are soaking in RODI water) $600

Neptune Trident (used for 1 year. shut down properly) $500

Neptune DDR x2 (one of the optical sensors is bad, i may have a replacement) $300 for the pair.

Neptune DOS x 4 $225 each (deal if you want all 4.)

Ecotech Radion xr30 g3 pro x 4. 3 have the old white ballast. 1 has the new black ballast. I also have one w the black ballast that fell into the water. You can have the light minus the ballast if you buy all 4. $1100

Ecotech Reeflink $75

All purchased from a authorized dealer.

Text Mark at 310-433-8313 with questions or for pictures.

Thank you