Getting topoff water to another floor....


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Eg, you've got a basement sump or water source, and a tank upstairs, or down. This could involve some major work finding a path for a hose.

We looked and found an AC vent right next to the tank upstairs. Natural hole in the wall, about where we need it. Better yet, it's an air return, which is as good as a free passage---in our case, we just fished a little 1/2" hose up from below. We were, however, prepared to drill a hole into the ducting at that site and fish it through, and it's not going to affect your AC. If you move, just seal the hole, and it'll never cause any trouble. It's just a convenient highway of sorts built into your house already, so you don't have to do major plastering.


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I ran 3/4" PVC from the mixing barrel up to the tank in the living room. Because it's behind the tank, I just cut a hole in the drywall, drilled through the 2x4 sill plate from the top, went to the basement and found the spot. Used a 1" spade bit from below to make the final hole. It terminates just above the skimmer section of the sump with a PVC spigot. I drilled a blank switchplate cover to make the spigot look like it was "supposed" to be there - because doesn't EVERYBODY have a faucet in the living room??? I use a Mag18 to bring the water up, controlled with a $10 remote control plug. I open the spigot, push the button on the remote, and stand there to watch it fill. Close the spigot, turn off the remote (to prevent back-flow) and call it a day. The RODI refills the mixing barrel so it's always ready.

Disclaimer: I did this on a weekend when my wife was away scrapbooking. By the time she got home, the tank was in place and the spigot out of view! :)