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I know that this is a recommendation to use GFCI outlets in any location in the vicinity of water. So many of us are using them for our aquariums. However one thing I notice about GFCI is that if they are tripped, then you have to press the reset button in order for the electrical equipment connected to turn back on.

Well, what happens if this occurs when you are not at home, on vacation, etc?

Has anyone lost any livestock when their GFCI's have tripped?


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IMO...My neighbor who is an electrician said that he would not use a GFCI outlet. Just his opinion but he said a GFCI is not made to protect itself if water gets into it, it is made to protect us against an appliance getting water in it or something like that. A GFCI protects against power surges such as 500w of lighting turning on all at once :). Although a GFCI would probably trip in the instance of a "water" problem so should a circuit breaker. The problem you describe above is the reason why I will not use GFCI. My circuit breaker will trip if there is a short circuit.


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A GFCI does not protect against power surges. They monitor the current- if the amount going out differs then that what is returning, they trip. I would never risk my own life just because a GFCI MIGHT trip when I am away.

FWIW- I have had serious short circuits before that did not trip a breaker- I would never rely on one of them.


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I agree with James77, I always use a GFCI as things can and do happen. Call me stupid but while working in one of my tanks I ACCIDENTLY knocked a PC hood in the tank while my hands were in there. THANKFULLY the GFCI tripped before I did.
I believe a GFCI trips before a breaker will and if and when it does happen it is right there to reset instead of going to the panel box. I certantly dont want to be critical to anyone as all you reefers here are awsome and helpful but IMO if either a GFCI or breaker trips when were not home neither will re set itself that I am aware of.


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I have 4-5 different circuits for my tank, if any one circuit trips it's not a problem,
So far the only time one has tripped is when I hit the button by accident