GFO and KH on a 20 gallon tank


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so i was using the recomended dosage for phosban and it was dropping my KH and CA levels very fast while dripping limewater.

the directions say to use a minimum. How many tbls would you use?
it says 1 gram/gallon for heavy phospahte.
I just picked up another bottle, but of rowaphos---there were out of phosban.

How much can i use without screwing with my KH and CA level in a 20gallon tank with phosphate problems.


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Oops, this seems to have gotten overlooked. If you're still having the problem, I'd suggest making sure the lime drip isn't very close to the GFO reactor input.


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Thanks bertoni,

I was going to let it slide :)

The drip is on the other side of the tank. I only used 3 teaspoons of material but I don't think it will last for more than a few days.

I've read the articles about reduced KH when running high amounts of GFO. But when Randy said this stuff could be exhausted in a day or so, I thought i should run more...but it just reduced my KH too much.

Has anyone found a big difference in media, I'm looking to get some from BRS.