GFO/Carbon Reactor


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I have been having some issues with PO in my aquarium and have determined it is mostly caused by recycled LR from my lfs. My other levels are good and we are working on reducing PO. I thought I would give a GFO a try and wanted to make sure I had the right items and media for a combo gfo/carbon setup.


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I run a duel reactor and agree if you have the space for individual reactors and pumps or header it is a better set-up.


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I have the dual and like it. I've been running it since December. Still have hair algae...some people it works quick for but for me it has not been a quick fix. Still battling phosphates. Guess I should use more media


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Personally, I'd use two separate reactors. A lot more flexibility.

I've used the two little fishies phosban 150 and the nextreef mr1, and liked both. The next reef feels more substantial, is a good bit larger, and comes with a pump. Cost no object I'd say its better. The TLF is smaller, cheaper, but comes with a ball valve which is nice if you'll be running it off of a manifold or large pump.


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Definitely separate units. The Rox will run full out and the GFO is on a more controlled flow. Also, the separate units make for less of a single point of failure.

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I have dual reactors 2 of them but I dont run them in combo. I have 1 set filled with gfo and other with carbon. Usually gfo runs out much faster than carbon. Also both require different flow rate. Carbon slow and gfo fast enough to tumble.