Giant spearing mantis shrimp lifespan


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So ive been wanting to get a giant spearing mantis shrimp for quite a bit now. But im not a very simple man i always do a lot of research before even considering it. I couldnt find any sources on this. Please help


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You probably read this article since that's where your image comes from, but it says this:

"Some mantis shrimp species mate for life -- they meet the shrimp of their dreams and they share the same burrow, protect their eggs and help each other with hunting for their entire lives -- up to 20 years."

mantis shrimp | Tetiaroa Society

@mtnbike101 saying 5 years is likely a good captivity outcome.
Thinking you might need to go a bit larger...
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Back in the 80's I used to watch this show called "The Ocean's Alive!" and they had episodes where the villagers would catch mantis just like that from estuaries. They would use the claw from a previously caught mantis to reach down a mantis burrow and hook on and pull it out in one motion. Yum allegedly.