Giesemann lights fixtures for sale. All hybrid Led or MH with T5s


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Hello all,

I am cleaning up the garage, breaking down a frag tank and upgrading lights on my main system. I have some very nice light fixtures up for grabs
The first is a giesemann infinity fixture. 2 X 150 MH with 2x 54 watt t5 48 inches in length. It's just been laying around too long and I don't think I may ever use it. It was by far the best LPS lighting set up I ever used. My torches and Acans were amazing. It also comes with 2 adjustable lumentek ballast. Being the I have not used fixture in close to 10 years I have no idea how old bulbs are.
Asking $300.00


Next is 4 Giesemann Aurora fixtures. One is 24 inches in length. Three are 48 inches in length. These are led clusters with dimmable T5. Each fixture has 4 bulbs. I am breaking down the frag tank so the 24 inch is available for $450. The display I am going another direction so they will slowly be pulled off the display. The 48 inch fixtures are $1100 each. These lights are amazing great growth, dimmable T5 is one of the most amazing attributes on a lighting fixture. If you are not familiar with Giesemann lighting these are very well build and great metal housing so they compliment a tank with their fixtures in so many ways




Located in Riverside for pick up. I could ship at buyers expense. I still have boxes for 48 inch fixtures. Not looking for any trades at the moment. Thanks for looking and post or pm if you have any questions

Tank shot from this morning to share.

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professional snow flake
Price drop

Infinity fixtures with ballast $150.00 obo

48 inch Aurora fixtures $800.00 each
24 inch Aurora fixture $400.00