giessemann Infinity 48 inch fixture


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Hello All.

I have holding on to this one for a while thinking I would set up another 48 inch tank and do it over again but i don't think it is going to happen. I have a 48 inch Giessemann infinity fixture that uses 2 x 150 watt HQI and T5 hybrid fixture. it is sliver in color. It will come complete with two ballast to power it and it was converted over to SLS/Hamilton plugs to make it more adaptable to other brands of ballast.
I will get a photo up tonight but i will say this was the best LPS tank light I have ever used. It made my acans and favias pop.

Asking $350 OBO or open to reasonable trades for corals that I may desire but do not have.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.


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This is by far the nicest designed mh fixture ever made. Someone is going to lucky picking this up.


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Overall styling is the same, but this was the DE model.

I absolutely love my spectra. I think infinity uses the exact same extruded and powder coated aluminum body.

I know radion this and radion that but for a natural looking reef, nothing even comes close to halide.