Gigantea vs Haddoni war


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Hi all, does anyone have any experience of mixing Giganteas and Haddonis and the haddonis are the ones that lose? Some of my haddonis have gone downhill since the addition of some new gigs - but previous experience tells me the opposite should have happened. Interestingly, I it only seems to have affect 2 specific Haddonis, my striped one appears unaffected. If anyone can sahre any similar experiences, it would be greatly appreciated.
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I have mixed both in the past with no ill effects. It depends on each individual perhaps. Alot are against mixing these two specifically however.


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I would assume that IF the tank were large enough there wouldn't be to much for concern. But I could only see bad things happening if you had 3-4 of each species in 100gallon tank


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I had a Haddoni for over a year and then added a Mag. With in 1 week of adding the Mag, the haddoni was looking terrible and died shortly there after. I would not recommended mixing, at least those nems.


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I have a haddoni and a gigantea in the same tank. There's also three magnificas, a crucifer, and a tapetum in the same tank. I've mixed others as well. Sometimes with great success, sometimes not so much. IMHO, There are many variables that come into play. I don't believe there is a clear, dominant species. In the OP's case, the new gigantea are probably stressed, and releasing more chemicals into the water than the well established haddonis.


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Have you been running carbon? I run a lot of carbon and change out routinely as I have a 18" S. Gigantea and a 12" H. Magnifica that are both considered larger in size in my 75G with one on the left side and the other on the right side. Zero issues and they have played nice. Funny to see the two clowns go in the mag during the day and sleep in the gig at night. Next year comes the 8 foot tank lol

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I've restrained myself from posting in this thread for a couple of days but now I just want to share my thoughts because keeping a gig and a hadd together in the same tank is exactly what I'm doing.


I've been keeping the gig for close to 5 months now and the haddoni for almost a month. I run heavy in carbon and so far I haven't seen any negative reaction from the gig because of the new haddoni addition. And the haddoni has been happy since day one in the tank. Granted, it has been less than a month. But I think mostly because they're both healthy to start with. The red carpet has been in the store for well over a year before I picked it up.
When both anemones are healthy, they're less likely to deflate which in turns release their internal fluid. This internal fluid(or whatever you want to call it) can cause stress to not only other anemone in the tank but all the critters in the tank. This is my only concern. If one of the nem in my tank decide to spawn and release a ton of egg or sperms in the tank, I'm not sure what will happen. I can only increase my carbon load and have a 40gallon of saltwater ready when it happen.


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EC, I know you run carbon from discussions previously:rollface:. Was just asking the OP as he didn't state if he did since hes having issues:fun4:
If you're asking me, the answer is yes. I run a DI cartridge full of carbon and change it our regularly.

The gig and haddoni have been together for well over a year.
Its just not fair that one guy has so many beautiful and healthy anemones, plus a magnificent elegance, all within one tank, when the rest of us are lucky to find even one healthy specimen!!!
EC, you tank is sweet and I am very jealous.


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Hi All,

Thank you for all the comments and suggestions. My tank is big enough and I have mixed many different species over the years without too many major issues. My current main display and sump is over 1300 gallons. I run quite a bit of carbon and do change it out regularly. What was odd to me, and why I posted, is that in my experience at least, whenever adding haddoni's or gigs, for a peroid of time, the gigs seem to suffer - not the haddoni's. However, on this occasion it was the Haddoni's that went downhill. My assumption was that it was the addition of the gigs - but I now suspect there was something else going on, and this may just have been a timing coincidence. I removed one of the haddonis in question and found quite a large bristleworm in a rock at its foot - so suspect he was partly to blame. I checked the other and no such worm was found, so it's still a bit of a mystery. I have removed both haddonis in question and put them in rehab. They seem to be doing better now. My other Haddoni's are unaffected and the new gigs are doing well so fingers crossed :) EC - Amazing tank, can't wait to see the new setup complete ! "œthis is me" - Some lovely nems in previous posts too - thanks for sharing all.