Gigantic Sea Enemone?


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Hi all
I'm building a reef
with the center peace being 1 Gigantic Sea anemone
any advice
I have to update my tank info but just for fyi
will be running 2jbj power heads / around 8oo gl hr
1 mag 9.5 through 35gl refugium and about 65lbs live rock

Want gse +3 clowns+1 blue tang+assorted clean up crew
That's all Ive come up with so far.


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Don't under estimate how big some anemones will get.
Depending on the suction pf the 2 filters in the back of the tank, they might be an anemone hazard.
I had an anemone who i got from another hobbist that measured about 4 inches across. (not under MH lighting). In a few days under my MH i opened about 8-12 inches

Dingo Dog

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Anemones will relocate themselves regardless as to where you might want them to be. If you're planning on adding corals later on you'll potentially have compatibality issues to deal with. I too had a GBTA relocate over night and ended up getting itself sucked into my maxijet. Since I have a lot of corals I opted to remove all anemones. I haven't missed them and don't have to go into my tank nearly as much which I like. Best wishes


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I'd add more llive rock (at the least 1 pound per gallon). Also, imo, i'd only go with 2 clownfish. with 3 on everything i've read, the 2 will pretty much pick on the 3rd one to death. Also- fwiw, get the 2 damsels out now before you add any more live rock. your live rock will cycle the tank.. the damsels will only be a nuisance in the future. Good luck!


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What kind of anemone are you referring to? If it is Stichodactyla gigantea, I would seriously reconsider, since these are among the most difficult anemones to care for. They need a lot of water flow (far more than you have at the moment) and probably more light as well. Even then, they prove difficult even for the most experienced hobbyists.


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OK will have to rethink the tang .
As for the HOB's we plan on losing them once the tank and refugium is established.

As for a specific anemone we were thinking a gigantea.
As for water flow, in re to post we will be running roughly 1600 gallons an hour between power heads and sump.

What do you think? Any and all advise is welcome. Thanks for the input.