Gill infection


I need a little help identifying what this is on my angelfish.

I initially thought it was some sort of bacteria infection, so I started triple sulfa this morning, but it looks worse tonight.

Not the best pics, but hopefully good enough.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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It's hard to tell if its bacterial or fungal (it looks both white and red in your picture), but it's definitely not good! I'd start a broad spectrum antibiotic like Maracyn-2 ASAP in a hospital tank. If it's fungal, dips in Malachite green might help too.


Thanks for the reply.

The infection is actually black and fuzzy and on the gill cover. I think the white you are seeing is the exposed gills or flesh underneath.

I did another dose of triple sulfa this morning and it looks like black fuzzy stuff is turing a bit white on the ends today. If it continues to improve I'll continue the treatment for 1 week as suggested on the box.

Is there any harm in doing a maracyn-2 or furan-2 treatment after finishing the triple sulfa?