Glass or acrylic?

Keith Better

New member
I am looking to get about a 96"x18"x24" reef aquarium. I am bouncing back and forth between glass and acrylic. I have two small boys, 6 and 4 who are excited about the tank and will want to help, at least for a week until they get board. I am putting it on the 2nd floor. My contractor and I are building supports to make sure this doesn't fall through. Just when I felt as was going to go the acrylic route I talked to a shop owner who said he was throwing out $30,000 worth of acrylic tanks because they have been so badly scratched and discolored when he used ozone. In the big picture, the cost is not so great a difference as what I am putting into the room I am adding to the house, so I am just looking for the best choice.
Any opinions? What do you have and what have you found works for you?
forget weight you only need it move it once go low iron glass and you wont look back
I went with glass, but my tank is only a 180. I have had acryllic in the past and I just do not like the scratching.