Glass repair?


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My wife and I were successful on moving everything over to our new 75 gal before our 65 gal started leaking like a sive. We would like to salvage the 65 gal if possible, is there a local company in Duluth that could repair the tank, there are no cracks, so i would assume the seal deteriorated.


Mr James

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When it comes to tank repair, I have read that the majority of the people opt not to fix, but rather to trash it. It's one thing if you were holding make up water in there. But you have high dollar rock, corals and fish and the possibility of it leaking again, IMO, are greater than when it was first manufactured.


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It's such a pain to remove all the old silicon, clean it properly and reseal that most people just buy a new one, but it can be done yourself if you have the ambition. The cost to pay someone else to do it probably would lose any money you were saving by fixing it.


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I wouldn't bother bringing it in to some one to fix, just about as costly as buying a new tank. But Re-sealing it yourself is a viable option with the proper research, if you're a DIY type of person.