Glass Tank Build - why shouldn't I ?


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I have been reading multiple threads for a couple of months on DIY as well as those discussing tank manufacturers. Also checked out the YouTube vids. Not surprising there are not an insignificant amount of problems from manufactured/purchased tanks.

Can those of you with experience tell me why I shouldn't build my own glass tank- say a 180? I am pretty handy and would have the glass precision cut by a professional for exact sizing.

Tell me why NOT - and if not, who would you have build yours?

Thanks all.


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short of the sheer size of the tank, and the complexity involved with moving and placing the panels...there is no reason you cannot build it yourself...i would however practice with a much smaller tank though...180 g of water rushing through your living room is not as cool as it sounds...

be very sure to have the panels cut exact and use the proper silicone....have a bunch of guys to help, and do several dry runs of the assembly first ( as goofy as it sounds you want to have an assembly plan..)


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I had the exact positioning...why not? I researched for days and days about construction and methods of both glass and acrylic and wouldn't question it any longer. I was gona build, still am gona build. I actually had ordered my glass panels (starphire) from a local manufacturer to build a 180 and I sprung a cool 125 tall off of craigslist so I may cancel the order tomorrow, may let it ride and just take longer building it. If your handy and have the help, most importantly patience and detail oriented, do it. My uncle and I are fabricators by trade so I wouldn't look any longer, take the plunge and good luck!