Glass Tops Or NO????????

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Should i remove my glass tops on my 90gal. Perfecto? Currently i have them on alot of people are telling me to remove them and put eggcrate instead incases of an escape fish? I have a retro T5 6 bulbs lights with 2 4" fans , will the inside of the hood get bad full of salt creep? I have waterproof end caps,But am i doing any better for the reef Tank Are there Benefits to leave them off or can they Stay? Will it lower my Temp? Currently the temp is 79 but when lights go on it hits 80 ??? Thanks again


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it will help keep temp down, you won't have to clean them, and it will help your water aerate better. go with egg crate if you can swing it.

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ok i just cut some eggcrate before i put it in Thanks . I was just worried about the inside of the hood and the reflectors getting all crudded up? The lights are about 6" above the water . I will just have to wipe them down if they get scuzzy...:D


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be ready to add water alot more, i removed the glass tops from my 120g reef, and i have to add about a gallon every two days or so.

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Other then being a pain in @ss is that ok? Do think the glass tops are better on then? Im sorry to ask so many stupid ? But im trying to get a answer to a dumb ? Do most reefers leave them off (open)?


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I'm guessing 95% of reefers do not use glass canopy tops for many reasons. Just a guess, but I don't know of any serious reefer that I respect their opinion of that has said you should or need a glass top.

I know quite a few that use eggcrate to keep fish in. I use eggcrate to keep my eel safe. Glass tops trap too much IMO. It is not the same as FW systems.


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i was going to buy a glass top when i got my new fixture, where can i go to get eggcrate if thats not a good idea? like a hardware store?

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Home Depot got that eggcrate Like 10 Bucks for a 2x4 sheet of it its in the electrical section used for drop ceiling lights.. :D

Thanks for info im going to leave the eggcrate on for a while to see what happens?


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the only reason ou need glass tops is if you have mh's for the uv filter other than that i would lose it...the increased evaporation is a good thing although you might want to think about an ato unit for more stabalization!


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i just made a skirt out of ping pong net. compliments sports authority 5 bucks. came out great. velcro works wonders.


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I made my tops from screen frames cut to size and bird netting (doubled up and criss-crossed).

I got the idea from RC - here's a couple pictures of how mine ended up:




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I do use galss tops on some tanks. Particularly those where jumpers are involved.

The cons:less air exchange, less evaporative cooling, less light efficiency,need occassional cleaning.

The pros: no jumping out or gill netting in eggcrate( I have seen wrasses jump into egg crate , get there heads through and hang by their gills.), less need to clean the reflector, less slat spray on those expensive bulbs,less evaporation and less humidity into your home.

I have open water in the sump and on several other integrated tanks,however. many run a fan ovr sump water to make up for closed top tanks.

I think if you are going open top with light 6 inches up will cause problems with excessive salt spray on the fixture.

As for eggcrate, I would personaly reccomend against it and do favor the ping pong netting type screen.