gluing plastic parts


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Roger, I want to modify my attachment brackets (parts 6080.23 and 6080.40) a little bit and was wondering what type of glue/cement/solvent would work on them.
Do you have any recommendations?
Plastic Cement, they sell it at Lowes or Home Depot, the brand is Oatey and it says for PVC and ABS and most plastics. Normally I sell a similar glue from Germany, made by Henkel, it is called Tangit but we are out, it is about the same just thickened and in a tube so it is much easier to use. Model glue will also work, the good kind :lol:
It isn't PVC cement but it is sold in the same section, it is labeled plastic cement and it is a bit different, it works on PVC but it also works on other plastics and PVC cement tends to work best on just PVC.
The same stuff- plastic cement, that is actually what it is sold for since ABS pipe used to be common but I think it is now against code except in California where it can be used as a drain pipe- the warm climate prevents the cracking and degradation that stopped its use elsewhere.

I will get in more Tangit next week.
That's it. But I do have Tangit in stock now and it is better just because it is easier to use, it comes in a tube and is thicker.