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Bored today,,, its early now but I plan on leaving around 11 wondering where to go...

Living Sea I really want to check out, its an hour drive from me, but I've never been there,

I've been to ShoTank, ReefPlus, Beyond the Reef, Upscale Aquatics, Sea Escapes, and others just can't think right now,,,

Whats everyones opinion on Living Sea as far as price and Livestock and Corals????? Thanks!!!


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I used to go there a lot as a kid to check out their displays and what not. As far as prices, i'm not really sure. Haven't been there in ages. >_>


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Over priced IMO.
Very cool place to check out, it is huge, worth the trip if you are wanting to window shop and see a big big store with some cool displays(at least they where cool last time I was tehre over 5 yrs ago) But I stopped shopping there as it was over priced and I felt they only cared about my money. Other options would include advanced aquatics in Roselle, a bit price too, but not as bad (again been a while since I ws there, but Glen is a guy who cares) Sea Schor in Buffalo Grove is also a great store.

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I'm very displeased with living sea. They are 10 min from my house and I will not shop there. Others may have had other experiences but (1) I have never found an employee there who cared about the animals they were selling. (2) I always had to hunt down someone to help me and then practically wave money in their face to get them to not run away, I'm not looking to be attacked when I walk in a store but at least acknowledge that I am there and don't let me stand in one spot for 15 minutes (yes I timed it) and have 3 employees keep walking by without anyone saying "excuse me, I'm with another customer right now but when I'm finished, is there something I can help you with?" (3) Their prices on fish are on the high end - not the worst I've seen but no great deals. (4) The two times I asked for the CMAS discount I was treated to a heavy sigh and a look like I was trying to use food stamps to buy ripple wine. (5) Their prices on corals are ridiculous. (6) Their selection of corals was common and mostly brown. Now I haven't walked through their doors in 6 months or so, so they might be a different act but who knows. I also heard that they got in trouble some time back for knowingly selling bettas for fighting purposes. I'm just not comfortable with that sort of store philosophy. These are just my opinions and experiences, others will disagree.


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Exotic Aquatics in Algonquin is not bad either, it is pretty far from where you will be though.


if your looking just for great deal and selection on corals, i would give mark or mike a call from reefdepot. i never leave their place without buying a coral


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You know, I have always had a bad opinion of LS. Even turned them in once to the Dept of Ag. I went in there last week to check out a frag someone posted about here & they couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. They have a nice frag tank up now & are offering 1/2-way normal prices for them & the 2nd is 50% off.

One of the employees there talked at length to me about puffers & even gave me the number of a local author who writes about them. Told the guy catching my fish to get the most colorful ones.

If your in the neighborhood though, be sure to check out Coral Reef, if you're into softies or LPS. They have HUGE fungia plates & Elegance. They also have combo Sun corals with 3 different colors on them!


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I've been to Living Sea a few times and the people there have always been very nice and helpful to me...their fish selection is very nice and priced fair, but their reef selection (IMO) is quite disappointing and I think that other than their frag tank (tub?) their prices are way up there...
I would rate it as a "hit or miss"...can't hurt to give it a try since you are "bored" anyway...;)


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LS is high priced but they have smoking deals on the weekends on a few different fish or invert they are called seamail specials.
Good asst of fish but pricey if not on seamail special.


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The owners are the rude and treat customers horribly. Most of the employees will ignore customers looking for help. It's sad because it is just minutes from my house.Their sales are what brings me to the store. There is one employee who is very nice and helpful, She will go out of her way to say "hi" and offer me assistance even if she is busy with someone else she will acknowledge me. If it were not for her I'd visit less. I think the store owners are unfortunately full of themselves.


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Exotic Aquatics in Algonquin is worth the trip. They have some nice acans and sps. They are open everyday except thursday.


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lol so many responses thanks to all does anyone know how far exotic aquatics is from like sandwich, yorkville area


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I'd second the recommendation for reef depot. They are usually there on Sundays, give them a call, they have a really good selection of corals and great prices.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=14129550#post14129550 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by yankeereefer
Ocean's Floor is now defunct and Exotic is closed on Sunday's I believe

Exotic is open on Sunday's until 5pm