Golden Angle food Question


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I have a Golden Angel now for almost 2mos. I have a sps set up with about 150lbs of LR and is aprox. 6yrs old. The Angle picks at the LR but is starting to thin out. I have net yet seen it eat any frozen foods including cyclop-eeze, Angel Formula, Mysis shrimp and brine. I have also tried seaweed with a garlic enhancer...nothing. Any input would greatly be appreciated



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Mine eats mysis, flake, and nori off the clip. It will even eat off the clip with the large angels.


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I have had mine in an SPS tank for 6 months, never takes prepared foods but is doing fine. Tank is only a 2 footer connected to a large mixed reef. Do you have a sump or fuge you could try and transfer it to for a good feed?