Golden Heart on DD


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The fish doesnt look BAD, but I dont think it looks that great either, at least compared to mine.

The thing is you know the Diver's Den guys have been watching the fish for a while, they know what they look like at the optimum, I have a hard time believing they went with a picture of it looking faded, that is probably it's best look that they could get captured.

Anyway, I'm kind of biased as mine has really colored up over the last 3 months or so of good feedings, he's like crazy colored compared to other ones I have seen before, so maybe I just got lucky.

As for the original question, I think his color will improve, yes, as long as you feed high quality frozen foods and supplement some vitamins and maybe spectrum pellets. If you just plan on feeding flakes and some occasional pellets then it probably wont color up any more :)

The cool thing is it has all 3 streamers coming off the top, I wish mine would develop more than one... so that one is 6", mine is 4.5", maybe by 6" mine will have them.


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Curious. Does anyone know how large these grow in tanks. I know that fishbase state that they reach nearly 2 feet in the wild. But I was wondering if they get that big in an aquarium?


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Yours is really nice recty. I want one like yours but it is more an exception than a standard. The one dd had in June looked like yours except it was 6 inches with the three streamers. I'm not going to lie, the main reason I like the golden heart is for the crazy insane streamers.

Tell me, am I the only person who is jealous of this man? I want what he has.


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Mine is 10.25" it has been a great fish so far. I just can't get it to eat pellets. It likes the real stuff.