Good Deal ? You tell me ?


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I am dealing on this with a local guy for $550.

Deal or dud ? Comes with a Fluval 404 Canister, and 48" PC with 4 x 55w 2 blue and 2 daylight with night LED.

Closest I can find is that it's a D.A.S. 90



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Having second thoughts? :D I think with all the livestock it's a pretty good deal. Not ideal filtration and you might have to upgrade the lighting at some point if you want to keep more demanding corals, but the tank/stand/canopy looks nice.


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thinking very seriously about installing a wet/dry when i move it this weekend.

not sure if i want the hassle of the full on sump, although, there's lots of room for it underneath.

also has a HO skimmer that apparently can be adapted to in-sump / in-wet-dry installation.

Not sure on manuf. yet. I am thinking the tank, stand, and LR is worth the price alone. I have seen in person and actually took these shots today.
It's mint.


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A wet/dry isn't really a desirable type of filtration if you plan on keeping corals. The bio-balls etc will create a nitrate problem which are undesirable when keeping corals. You'd be better off doing a sump and put the skimmer, heater, etc down there.


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hey drummer,

had not realized u replied to my other post in newb forum. ha ha.

I been away from the hobby too long bro !.

Anyway, I am going to jump all over it since even if I hate the setup i can always break even most likely.

I just have 4 or 5 things i want to change and I don't want to lose all the rock in the process.

Is it your opinion that I dump the sand and start from scratch.

I can always drop the damsel and the brittle off at the LFS.

And although I hate to give the LFS a ton of dough for a Wet-Dry, I don't have time to fab a good Sump setup and plumb it all.

Maybe I will just try as best I can not to kill it until I can map out a plan of attack.

Then there is of course the option of having the current owner host it until I can get my ducks in a row. MAN I hate that option, but I know it's best.


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That was my opinion about the sand, yes. I would start with a new 1" sandbed and seed it from the old sand. A cup or two will be fine. Your thoughts on the damsel would be mine. I don't like those little buggers and they'll more often than not pester your new fish. The brittle would probably do better in a bigger system anyway. I would save the money on the wet/dry. It will be basically the same amount of plumbing either way. Check out this link. Just a glass tank and a couple of baffles and you're good to go. ;)


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Thanks for the advice.

I am sure it won't be the last thing I fumble my way through, and beg for help on.

Depending on space I may try to wire up a 250w MH lamp and ballast I have.

It's got a daylight bulb in it so I am going to have to research lamps. It's leftover from a home horticulture experiment.

Should be a decent supplement to the PCs.

Thanks for the link to Melev's Sump.



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I think $550 for just the tank, stand, and canopy alone is a good deal.

I agree. if the stand and top are real hardwood, I agree even more!


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Looks like a great deal, canopy and stand looks like a very clean setup. You may need to fiddle with the canopy if you are going to go with MH's or not and switch em out for T5HO's depending on what you want to keep of course. Id be all over that one.


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I bought it. And although it's got some wear, and some swell from 8 years of moisture, it's in decent shape.
It's not hardwood, it's MDF with a melamine covering on it. I am most likely going to have to go to work with a Syringe and some KrazyGlue to get the lifted areas glued back down. No harm though. The stand has screw posts for leveling, and it leveled well (without water yet.)

I moved it home without spilling more than about a cup of water, and the only damage i caused was pulling the backsplash plastic piece off the back of the tank (old silicone.) I am going to scrape the old off, and just re-silicone it.

Anyway, I kept 50 gallons of the original water, all the rock, and fostered the damsel and the brittle stars (one brown one blue) to the LFS. I went and bought 20 more gallons of pre-mixed SW and i have it at home in jugs.

I have the LR in two 25 gallon rubbermaids with a powerhead in each pointing toward the surface. And it's doing nice. Salt is a little low at .021 but I hope the .023 I bought will average it out to something nice. I can always supplement later with additional salt.

So after the tank was moved and mounted, I took the sand out, dumped it into another 25G rubbermaid with 50 lbs. of new sand, and have the fluval 404 running in there skimming the dust and debris off. (they recommended rinsing at the LFS, but i figure since I am not reusing the fluval, I could just let it do the work for me. It's 4 stage, (Carbon, Mesh, Balls, Ceramic Disks,) so overnight it did a good job of cleaing up the water bucket. Pretty clear. (even though i had no power from 9 p.m. - 1a.m.

So, last night I got the tank moved up with the help of a buddy, and a surprise storm with 100mph winds blew in. NO POWER ACK ! ACK ACK ! OH NO ! I had been having second thoughts and a great deal of buyer's remourse so i figure this was the big Bossman's idea of telling me I shouldn't have bought it.

Anyway, I am out of town on business so the wife is going to babysit and make sure everything stays aerated and cool. I will refill the tank when I get home, check for leaks, and hook up my new equipment (see my thread I am about to post on that, there are questions there for you guys.)

Thanks to everyone for the advice, the encouragement and the help. I could have never got my first one going without the RC folks, and will undoubtedly lean on ya'll for this one.




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A few storms are nothing to worry about, now if the bossman sends a huricane or two your way tomorrow then ya might think about sending the tank back, lol.