Good dip procedure for new SPS?


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Anyone have a link or can explain what they do for new SPS? I am going to be starting my new 120g that will be mainly SPS and want to make so I don't infect it with flatworms or red bugs.

I've heard of people dipping their corals in high-iodine SW for a few minutes, and then there is people who use interceptor...

So whats a good procedure to dip new SPS in? What do you do for new SPS?

And right now, I really can't afford a QT that can sustain SPS. Maybe a few months down the line, but I can't now.
i was at a workshop on friday by anthony calfo and he said that the time u keep corals in dips they really dont help any. they would have to be in them for along time to really kill them. its mostly to ease the aquarist mind. well thats what i heard anyway. i dont dip my corals so i dont know any.
when i get new sps, i put them on the bottom for a couple days to get them used to my lights and then slowly move them up on the rocks. so they dont get shocked by the different lights.
I use Tropic Marine Pro Coral Cure as a dip for new frags. Although I have no experiance in this area myself, it is reported to kill AEFW, and I have seen it kill red bugs. I am not sure it is the best way, but it eases my mind.

I don't really believe that about dips imo. Perhaps frags with eggs but any live bugs an interceptor dip will kill.

Personally I'd set up a 10 gallon QT tank and inspect the coral daily for a week and then move it over. Or take the risk.

I only buy from reputable places that I know are clean and other reefers who have clean tanks. Most of the guys I buy from actually have a frag tank seperate and all gets put in there first.
jay24k- thats a good idea. I was planning on adding a frag tank to my system eventually. I could just disconenct it for a few days after I receive new pieces.

Wiskey: how much does that dip run?
I got a bottle of the stuff for about $20. It takes one squert per 200ML of water, I think the bottle makes like 100 or 200, 200ML dips.

Aside from dealing with reputable sources only, I dip all of my new coral specimens in roughly the double doseage Interceptor for 4+ hours as well as a triple the doseage of Salifert FWE. I have not used any of the packaged dips such as the stuff by Tropic Marin, but personally, I think it is a good idea to dip as long as the coral is not adversely affected. It also doesn't hurt to blast with current before introducing.

Excellent. Thanks Wiskey, I'll look into getting some perhaps.

I've been reading the AEFW and red bugs threads all day. I've gotten some ideas on what I can do. I might have one of those pests currently..
No problem

As a side note I just thought of, although the TMPCC is reported to kill the AEFW, it does not kill the eggs.

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No problem

As a side note I just thought of, although the TMPCC is reported to kill the AEFW, it does not kill the eggs.


Nothing known kills the eggs, right?

Well, I dipped my Tort in room temp SW. Quite a few tiny white specks came off. Unfortunately, my vision is terrible, even with the magnifying glass.

I'm going to see if I can borrow a microscope from school. My specks were tiny... 1/64".

I'm not entirely sure what I have. AEFW, but not red bugs I think. I will have 12 more pages to read on SeanT's thread and then I guess I will decide what I want to do.