Good lighting for 29 Bow?


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Hi Guys,

Im looking for some good lighting for a 29 gal bowfront FOWLR.

Anyone know if the Current Nova Extreme T5 HO fixtures are any good?

I would like to have an anemone at some point so would like to plan for the future as well.

Thanks for any help!



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I have a nove extreme pro on my 46 bowfront & I like it a lot. I would definately recommend it.....


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Make sure you recognize that there are two Nova Extreme fixtures--(i) the Nova Extreme HO T5; and (ii) the Nova Extreme Pro HO T5. The Pro has individual reflectors and 2 additional bulbs, whereas the regular Nova Extreme has one parabolic reflector for all 4 bulbs. Individual reflectors make a huge difference (can increase light output by up to 300%), so the reflectors are a BIG difference between these two fixtures above and beyond the fact that the Pro has 2 additional bulbs.

The regular Nova Extreme should be fine for mushrooms, zoas, and some lower-light LPS, but IMO it will not be sufficient for an anemone. If you intend to keep an anemone or SPS down the road, I highly recommend spending the extra money on a fixture with individual reflectors like the Nova Extreme Pro. This will give you a lot more flexibility down the road.

How long is your tank? 30" or 36"?


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I bought Nova Extreme Pro 20" light fixture with 6 T5 and love it a lot.
I have 2 anemones, several softies, montiporas and newly added Pink bird nest and couple purple acans in Bio Cube 20g tank...