Good news!


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My tank is just getting to the point where I'm ready to hook up my aquacontroller (so i need a used dc8) and then add a bunch of SPS frags - so that'd definitely be what I used it on!

musty baby

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Realize now that I really misread Sean's post.

I think that might get tucked away and thrown toward somewhere to live here in the near future.


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I think I know how you misread my post.

No you cant sell your children to the government for $300.


Can I just tell them to apply towards settling up my annual tab I owe them every year?:mad:

Ryan - You are missing the whole point of the rebate. It isn't to do the responsible thing and tuck it away. Please be a good citizen and blow the money on something for your tank. Uncle Sam's economy needs you to do the right thing here. :lol: