got a Artificial Pillar Coral Today


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i got it at a special price on ebay

it looks like this

very very detailed, im verry happy with it , its going to go in my future 75 octopus tank.

i had a chance to get two of these , I guess I should have bought the other one as well , it was only $20 , I couldnt find it anywhere else on the net under $45 , so i got a bargin lol

of coursre it would be much kewler to have the real thing, but for me, Im saving a corals life by getting this replica lol :)

I would like to get the montipor as picture in this link

but , I cant find it many places and when I do find it , its like $132 bucks

alot of money on fake corals here, but hey , they wont die, and I guess compared to the real thing its cheap , I dont know how much a real montipora would cost, if it was the size of the one in the link


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I used fake coral an fake rock in my FO tank.


I like it because you can take it out and clean it.

The center piece was $20 at petsmart and the rocks were $12 each.