Got my first clam today - worried


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Ordered my first clam and am very excited, got it from

After acclimation and placed him on the sand bed and he got comfortable and opened up a little (quickly closed when a fish swam over him! :) ). I noticed that he's got 4 very white (bleached?) spots on him, as I understand this should not be!

Is this from stress and will he recover?

What can I do to really baby him?
Hi Jon, thanks for the reply!

The clam is 3.5"

Yes, on the mantle.

That sounds like a normal amount of phyto, could feeding more help?

I have not read all of them yet, thanks for the link! I'll finish them today.
No, do NOT feed more! You could try everyday, but do NOT increase the concentration of phytoplankton. The clams wont ingest it if its too concentrated.

Okay. Any idea what caused the white spots? I'm still concerned as I do not know what they are or what they mean...