Great Lakes Aquarium...yay or nay?


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I am considering an 96" tank from Great Lake Aquarium in Michigan. 1k more expensive than GC, but a lot cheaper than C2C, AGE, and ReefSavvy.

What do you guys think of the quality of their large tanks?

If you have large tank form them, could you please post a photo.



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Ahhh... Once you were to hit your 50 posts and time it would open up.

More trying to get people to just not survey/slam a company on just a whim. It should open up to you just like the for sale/trade section.



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I have one on order and should get my 96" 220 in the next month. We have a couple guys in our club with them and no complaints.

There are some other builds with GLA tanks. TB320 has their 96x30x26 tank.