great pic!

there's more!

there's more!

Marc- you were there the day I got this coral from Dr. Klier. It was a small frag back then. No color. I think he called it a blue mille.
Pink Acropora prostrata? millepora? Who knows and who cares... it's my favorite.
cully inspired coral acquisition

cully inspired coral acquisition

after I saw your aquarium I fell in love with your rainbow Stylo.

I searched through LFS's and found this bargain basement priced frag

which looks like this today


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doesn't do it justice. the polyps sparkle like diamonds. gorgeous coral. gary, anytime you see anything in my tank that warrants an intensive search, just ask! I did just get an orange pavona maldivensis......:rolleyes:


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Gary, if you ever frag the pink...whatever please keep me in mind I have ben looking for something of similar color and growth patterns but am not a fan of ordering online.