Great Pseudochromis article..


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Wanted to say thanks for the great article. I have always loved and wanted to get a pair of splendid dottybacks but getting a captive raised pair sent up here is too difficult at the moment.

On a recent trip to my fav LFS here tho I came across the next best thing. A longfin dottyback(Pseudochromis polynemus). Beautiful fish. Your article had the whole Dottyback dream back in my head and when I found this character I couldn't say no. I moved my cleaner shrimp out of the tank to my sisters after seeing it take a high speed run at one but since then it has fit right in. When I am close to the tank it sits and watches me, following me everywhere I go. It weaves in and out of the rockwork and SPS on a constant basis.

Thanks again. :) I'd have passed up this little treasure if it hadn't been for the great article.