Great Service


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On wednesday I received my blue wave 4 electronic ballast and reef optix pendantl. And it didn't work. You were great to call for help. Told me you'd contact sunlight supply about the ballast which you did and even followed up to make sure they were taking care of everything.

Thought I should say thanks and let people know you handled everthing better then could be expected. And I will definately do business with you again

Also I returned a 4inch icecap fan to you according to ups it arrived yesterday. the rma was on the label. I never opened as I decided to go with a pendant instead of using my canopy.

Thanks again for the help

I will second the great service. I placed an order late last week for several items and I received my initial order status, but not my UPS tracking number. I called this morning and it turned out that my credit card was declined because I gave them an invalid expiration date. (my fault)

I explained to PA that I was going out of town at the end of this week and needed the good quickly. Once I got the expiration date
correct they offered to upgrade my shipping to 2 day at no additional charge.

I consider that great customer service since I was the one who screwed up.

thanks PA, you guys are great