Great TBS experience!


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What a great way to get awesome live rock! I got a fantastic shipment of LR, sponges, and critters from TBS yesterday and WOW! Richard was super generous with the goodies he sent and the rock is so cool, I've been watching it non stop and keep finding new tunicates or crabs each time :) rock is colored in blue red and green sponges and awesome barnacles! I love all the hitchhikers and hearing the clicking from the pistol shrimp!

Don't let the airport scare you- was SO easy! Faster than going to my LFS :)

Highly recommend, here's my tank after Richard worked his magic

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Those are some nice tunicates and sponges on the LR. I've found my limpet snails eating some of the more interesting sponges, so keep an eye out for those guys.

Unfortunately my cool branching and ball sponges have slowly died off. I just have the orange lettuce one left and my tank doesn't seem as colorful anymore. I've started to add corals so that will help perk it back up!

Post some more photos after it settles in for a while! :D