Green algea - how much is to much?


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After my complete tank whipeout last month, its done cycling, and I currently have four fish recently introduced to the tank. The latest two have only been in there a few days, and are still getting aculmated to the tank. One of the results of the cycling tank is an outbreak of green algea.


Since I don't want to disrupt the tank and pull out all the rocks quite yet, and I know that once my tang arrives in a few weeks he'll mow through the stuff, is it ok to let this stuff grow? Or should I risk the disruption of the fish and pull out several of the bad rocks and clean them off? Thanks.



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I'd probably start with a couple of turbo snails and see if they can keep it under control for you.

It spreads so rapidly that one week it will look like what you have and then the next the tank is just covered.


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Yeah, I have a few snails but they're not making much of an impact, guess I can grab a few more. The crabs went through and cleaned up all the brown stuff, but leaving the green alone.


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I have had this problem before and recommend manually removing what you can. Whether it be by pinching off chunks or rock scrubbing I would remove what you can.


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Are you doing water changes? And have you checked the tds of the water your adding back to the tank. Sometimes the water we use isn't as clean as we think it is.
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