Green clown goby starving!?!?


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well, i have had my green clown goby for almost 2 months now and after close inspection of him today i noticed his underside was pretty shrnk and looked as though he has not eaten in quite awhile....

i feed my tanks every other day and i even tried target feeding him. he doesnt seem to eat much and i have tried many different foods. he also swims around sometimes when i feed the tanks kinda like he is blind and doesnt know what to do.

is this common with these fish? any thing i can do to help him eat or make it?


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I have noticed that a lot of clown gobies are like that... try feedig some frozen foods and maybe add a bit of garlic to entice the appetite.


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Mine didn't eat for a couple weeks and then suddenly ate as if nothing was wrong. My black one didn't eat for a month. Now they're both little piggies.

The days that they started eating I was feeding Hikari brine shrimp. I wish I could tell you what triggers them to eat again but I really have no idea.


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I have one that eats but still looks very thin. I've had him for about 4 months. He acts like he's not quite with it also. He lays sideways on the rock instead of sitting up like he is perching. At first I thought he wasn't going to make it but he is still there, still acting the same so I figured that is just how he is....